Seven Stars Yard drips with ripped colour and painted layers in a living street art collaboration of accidental narratives

Planet Horizon

STUMBLING OUT THE DARK CAVE OF LIVERPOOL Street Station on to a windswept Bishopgate we head toward Hanover to replenish our ‘PLANT BASED FOOD SYSTEM’. Walking against the current of hurrying people, we follow a cloud of friendly neon skull winged butterflies wandering playfully. We listen to their fluttering as they casually flock together singing ‘FRIDAY I’M IN LOVE’. Jumping puddles on Fournier Street we catch glimpses of Khruangbin being mobbed by a psychedelic cyan tribe ‘TIL THE SUN GOES DOWN’ on Mister Fox and the red lipped green Moon. ‘DREAM BIGGER, BETTER, WEIRDER’ chatter the teeth of the saturated inhabitants flaunting in the shadows, crowned and paint smeared with the vibrant green curse of Ra — the god of the sun peeps out from beneath vanishing fish scales quietly watching the spark of life being torn apart — ‘NOW OR NEVER’ call the crows, while picking over the glowing bones of the foolish remainers.


IN PICTURESStreet Art narratives found around Brick Lane in London.

plant based food system
dream bigger better weirder
rise mix
green hearted
new retro
eye of ra
elizabeth was ere!x
now or never

Words: Glen Robinson & Rebecca Robinson
Photography: Glen Robinson & Rebecca Robinson

Part of an ongoing anthropological study of layered narratives found in naturally occurring intersections between the metaphysical and terrestrial worlds. We examine and document the fabric of our journey through the continuous production of an interconnected body of knowledge and data gathering.

All photographs taken in January 2020.
Shot on iPhone SE.

BIG Shout Out to all the Writers of these walls.

wash your skulls