Positive affirmations and street art tribute–acts perform against a psychedelic explosion of colour

STUMBLING OUT THE DARK CAVE OF LIVERPOOL Street Station on to a bright sunny Bishopgate we head east for Commercial Road and immediately run into Minty, a SKELETOR hopelessly in love with his closest friend: Frida. She is suffering from bad dreams of Brexit and family disagreements about the socialist agenda. The walls call out our soon to be real foolishness. Quaker street yells her prediction ‘YOU‘RE FUCKED’ with a vibrant green over-scrawl... It isn’t long before a full blown row has broken out on the bisecting paths across Brick Lane. On Grimsby Street a blue lipped Pete Doherty land-lubber pouts his disdain, calling out to the pink lipped King of Cheshire Street. Their shouts ‘THE KEY IS NOT A KEY’ gather the boundless forces of love and colour, to strike at the heart of the red white and blue monster stalking the streets. Strangers whisper to passers by words of encouragement ‘LOOK AFTER YOURSELF’ and pull back the curtain on the Panto spirit of the media circus I’M AN IDIOT. WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE. The colours and patterns spiral out of control and we pass in and out of crowds in a crescendo of self–replicating Jeans. Displaying a kind of sorcery like Sci-Fi level mastery (the only plausible reason for his crackling energy and multitude of sizes). He photocopied at a incalculable rate close to that of his fellow space traveller Grace, who floats around in a magenta bubble with a puff on her cigarette. Michel sniffs the passive cigarette smoke and their third eyes glitch. A right pair of likely neon savages blink, blinking their eyelashes of truth in waves of friendly goodbyes.

IN PICTURESStreet Art narratives found around Brick Lane in London.

Bad dreams never change
Brexit causes family arguments.
You're Fucked
Pete Doherty
20 ER II
SenzArt 911
I'm walking here…
I'm and idiot, what's your excuse?
Look after yourself
Brexshit. Panto sums up what it is to be British… Oh yes it does!
About time you played
Make sure you don't start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don't value you. Know your worth even if they don't
Life is a fucking Unicorn shitting rainbows of candy
The Reves One
I'm not a real person. I'm a legend

Words: Glen Robinson & Rebecca Robinson
Glen Robinson & Rebecca Robinson

Part of an ongoing anthropological study of layered narratives found in naturally occurring intersections between the metaphysical and terrestrial worlds. We examine and document the fabric of our journey through the continuous production of an interconnected body of knowledge and data gathering.

All photographs taken in July 2019.
Shot on iPhone SE.

BIG Shout Out to all the Writers of these walls.

Look after yourself