A beautiful ultramarine storm washes north along the horizon

Lowestoft Sand Labyrinth

OVER ELEVEN YEARS AGO WE VISITED LOWESTOFT beach (the most easterly point of the UK) to draw a labyrinth in the sand. Working next to the sea brings a perfect time for personal reflection and relaxation. Making a labyrinth and walking its path is a chance to coalesce with nature and attain coherence with our surroundings, while at the same time resonating with an ancient symbol. The apocalyptic ultramarine storm washed north along the horizon as we worked on the beach, almost like it was checking us, and our artwork to decide if she was going to take it back to nature. The ephemeral quality of the materials and building in an environment where nature will soon reduce it to something and nothing. To the sand it once was. Walk the path and you discover the labyrinth is a token of the unbounded potential of everything.

IN PICTURES — Labyrinth on Lowestfoft Beach in Suffolk, England.


Words: Glen Robinson & Rebecca Robinson
Art: Glen Robinson & Rebecca Robinson

Photography: Glen Robinson & Rebecca Robinson

Part of an ongoing project that explores the Labyrinth as a tool for meditation and learning. We make sand Labyrinths at beach festivals and for fun on the East Coast of England.